Mice / Voles

The most common commensal rodent found inside structures is House Mouse and the second important structural rodent pest is Deer Mouse which is found in rural and suburban areas. Deer Mice are also of medical importance because they are the vectors of Hanta Virus which causes Hanta Virus Pulmonary Syndrome (HVPS). Mice can adapt to any Environment which leads to their excellent survival on this planet. They are found all over the world and found throughout Canada and America. 

Mice are nocturnal and herbivores. Their sense of smell plays a vital role in locating food and they mostly feed on any type of food residue. 

Mice get inside structures in search of food and shelter. Once they find their way in or around the structure, they become a nuisance and a risk to human health and property. They destroy and damage the structures while gnawing, defecating and urinating. Their feces and urine contaminate the edibles and serve as a source of infection to human beings. 

The presence of droppings, chewing or gnawing the structure, holes made in walls, or any other damage seen to food material or packages is a clear indication of mice infestation. 

Mice are prolific breeders and transmit disease through their droppings and urine e.g., Salmonella, Weil’s disease, Hanta Virus Pulmonary Syndrome (HVPS) etc., so a mice infestation needs immediate attention. It is recommended to get professional help in order to have effective, safe and permanent treatment. 

Mice Treatment

Our mice treatment starts with a thorough inspection of the site. Inspection consists of a detailed visual examination of the inside and outside of the building. We try to find the areas of mice activity and their possible points of entry. 

Once the areas of mice activity and their entry points are established, then a rodenticidal treatment is done. A rodenticidal baiting is done in all the key areas which is applied in the form of solid blocks kept inside secured and tamper proof bait stations. 

We use the best available Rodenticides on the market to control rodents that get excellent rodent control. Our mice treatment comes with a limited time guarantee provided all the entry points are sealed and recommendations are followed. 


We do the above mentioned rodenticidal baiting which is placed in tamper proof bait stations which are secured and locked. 


We use live traps for squirrel control followed by their safe release.