Heat Treatment

Our heat treatment consists of a steam heat application to specific areas infested with bedbugs. The steam heat application kills all stages of bedbugs i.e., egg, nymph & adult. 

A thorough inspection of the site being treated for bedbug infestation is done before the start of the heat treatment process in order to find out all the key areas infested with bedbugs. 

We also incorporate pesticide application in our heat treatment that covers application of pesticide to the baseboards, cracks & crevices or any hard to reach spots after steam heat application that gives longer residual effect and control. 

Our steam heat application followed by pesticide treatment to the baseboards, cracks & crevices or any hard to reach spots,  is  very effective IPM approach

Our steam heat treatment is a guaranteed treatment provided our recommendations are followed.

Better preparation of the unit being treated for bedbug infestation yields desired results. We provide our customers with a preparation sheet for bedbug treatment and strongly recommend to follow the instructions in order to have an effective treatment.