Hanta Virus Pulmonary Syndrome (HVPS) is severe in action, indicated by flu like symptoms and its progression leads to fluid buildup in lungs that finally results in trouble breathing. 

Rodents are known to be the vector of this disease especially Deer Mice. A person may catch the virus through breathing or eating food or drinking liquid contaminated by urine, saliva or droppings of the infected rodent. 

HVPS was first recorded in Canada in 1994 and there has been a 50% mortality rate with HVPS in North America. Hospitalization and intensive care is recommended for this viral infection. 

As there is no specific cure for the disease, special care should be taken when dealing with a mice problem and cleaning up their droppings. We recommend getting professional help for HV cleanup. At Geo Pest Control Inc., we use the best quality products to neutralize the virus and cleanup the droppings. In order to avoid multiple HV cleanups, we first treat the mice and once the mice infestation gets under control then HV cleanup is carried out.