Bees, Wasps and Hornets are beneficial insects as they predate upon other insect pests. They play a major role in the pollination of flowering plants. Their control becomes necessary only when they become a nuisance and their nests are in close proximity to people. They are either solitary or social. Solitary live independently while social species live in colonies where there is a division of labor and each colony consists of workers, males and a queen. Digger Wasps, Mud Daubers and Carpenter Bees are Solitary while Paper Wasp, Yellow Jacket, Hornets, Honey Bees and Bumble Bees are social. As their sting can result in serious consequences, it is advised to seek professional help when dealing with bees and wasps. 


We do an insecticidal treatment that might be either dusting or spray. If the wasps or bees nest is inside any crack, crevices in the wall or in the eaves etc., never seal it off until the activity is zero and the insect pests are controlled.